What Is It with Women and Fairies?

I don’t watch TV anymore, except for the occasional football game.  That’s not some proud moral stance I’ve taken that I think makes me better than other people.  It’s mostly an accident of circumstances: there’s no cable where I live, and when I had a dish system they kept raising the prices and worsening the service until I dropped it, and then I got out of the habit.  Now it’s just hard to imagine dedicating the time and energy to sitting down and getting into a new show, so I watch old favorite movies and TV shows online, and ignore the new stuff.

So it’s always a bit of a shock to the system when I’m in someone else’s home and I see what’s pouring in through the TV today.  As I said, I do watch football now and then, so I’ve seen how stupid and PC the commercials have gotten.  But at least football is still kinda oriented toward men and a more conservative audience.  The Cultural Marxism is in the background, but it’s not slapping you in the face.

It slapped me in the face yesterday.  I was at Thanksgiving dinner, chatting with another guy, and a “parade” was on TV, beamed in (I assume) from New Yawk City.  I say “parade” because most of it seemed to consist of dance numbers performed in one spot, which was unlike any parade I’ve ever seen, but anyway.  Suddenly this extremely obvious man dressed as a woman started singing, and we gradually realized that all the people on stage with him were likewise men in drag.

The funny thing was, I had just been talking to this guy about what Steve Sailer calls “World War T”: the fact that the next front in the culture war, now that the elites have gotten their way on homosexual marriage, appears to be the push for rights for transsexuals of various sorts.  No sooner had we finished talking about that, when these guys pop onto the TV and start singing about how everyone gets to choose who he wants to be.  Yes, it was that blatant.

Now, here’s the thing: it’s unlikely that anyone else in my family has even met a transsexual.  I’ve only met one, and that’s because I traveled in more liberal and cosmopolitan circles than the rest of them for a while.  We’re talking about rural, provincial, salt-of-the-earth type people here.  Take the image you have of the Amish, give them cars and electricity but not iThings, and you’ve got the idea.  To them, the microwave is still kind of a fad, so you’d think that men dressing up as women and marrying each other would be completely out of line to them.

And yet, all the women in the room seemed sort of fascinated by it, in an embarrassed, joking way.  They didn’t say, “Oh, I just love this stuff!” which is what would have happened in some liberal homes I’ve visited.  But they didn’t change the channel or find something else to do either; they watched it and remarked on the nice boots the guys were wearing.  When I and the other man in the room did express disgust, they looked at us like we were spoiling the fun by expressing an opinion held by all of humanity up until a few years ago.  We were the rude ones — not the network execs, performers, and announcers pumping deviant behavior into their home during a family program on a holiday afternoon.

That’s another reason women shouldn’t vote or be in charge of things, I guess.  It’s just too hard for them to look at something and say, “That’s wrong.  I don’t want to burn you at the stake for it or anything, but it’s wrong, so keep it away from me and mine.”

I think I’ll continue my football-only TV policy for now.  Until teams start using men in drag as cheerleaders, anyway.

7 thoughts on “What Is It with Women and Fairies?

  1. I wish I had an answer to your question, but I don’t. I’ve wondered it myself. Take gay “marriage”. I know some guys who support gay “marriage”, but they’re not really passionate about it. It’s more of a laissez-faire, live and let live attitude. Straight women on the other hand, seem positively batty in their support for it. I’ve never understood why married, heterosexual moms get so worked up in favor of it, but they do.

  2. Speaking as a male who is (mostly) homosexual in preference…

    Women are boring even to themselves, and need to be constantly entertained by others. Gays live to entertain. If you don’t have children, gay men are, I suppose, a substitute. The essence of male homosexuality is ‘childishness’, not femininity.

    In many urban centers, ugly, aging women and gay men will form co-dependent relationships — the gays providing the women with entertainment and a form of male company, and the women providing the attention.

  3. You must forgive me, if as is sometimes the case, I tend to see articles such as the above as especially American – living across the pond perhaps gives me some distance. We don’t have a mid-west belt – or any Amish. The English also tend to pretend that they have noticed nothing (especially elephants in the room), so I can say that Trans-sexuals (and it is always men) are common enough where I live. To begin with, my brother lived next door to one – not that the guy was homosexual, as he had a reasonably attractive girlfriend. One would never be fooled however for Transsexual males do not have ‘the scent of a woman’ – they are merely cocks in frocks. Then again my local supermarket has a number of men on the checkouts including a young chap (named Katie) who no one in the wildest dreams could mistake for a woman. No one is either embarrassed or offended. He is quite young and seems very unhappy. Then again there was the local school teacher (a very good one so it was said) who assumed female attire – he died, perhaps it was suicide, I forget. In my legal capacity I had as clients a couple where both dressed as women but one wasn’t. No embarrassment on their or my part. The Sumptuary rules were abolished in the early seventeenth century – cross dressing is not a new fad.

    Women like frocks which is why they stream to the theatre to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert or La Cage aux Folles. What the attraction of these musicals are I have no idea, but Hollywood has often delighted in the most masculine of men cross-dressing (Some Like it Hot comes to mind).

  4. Transsexuals strike me as being far more mentally and emotionally broken than homosexuals. I’m sure that is why they have such incredibly high rates of suicide, even post-transition.

    By the way, women who want to be all warm and fuzzy about transsexuals might want to visit the website Sex Change Regret (http://www.sexchangeregret.com/). It is not loving kindness to affirm someone in their madness.

    Cail, we too are TV-free, and the wildly inappropriate show you describe is exactly the reason why. If you have children in your home, you really can’t protect them from such vile ideas if you have television access. We do have internet, but we have become even more restrictive about our children’s access to that lately.

  5. When I and the other man in the room did express disgust, they looked at us like we were spoiling the fun by expressing an opinion held by all of humanity up until a few years ago

    I suspect the “guys” on TV had acquired honorary membership into The Herd. Dissing one of them is somewhat like dissing Team Woman. You transgressed the unwritten law and got your head nailed to the floor.

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  7. It’s men in drag, not homosexuals per se, that the women are interested in. That, and often, the men are dancing, and men dancing is absolute catnip for women. I’m not sure why women have a thing for men in drag, but they do – maybe it’s something to do with men invading a female preserve, and in some cases at least, outdoing the women.

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