Deadbeat’s Day?

I’ve finally gotten some other things out of the way, so I’m going to be posting regularly starting this week.  But I had to share this lovely sentiment I saw on Facebook today:

To all the great dads (and the mom’s who did the job of a dad) everywhere, Happy Father’s Day.

So we can’t let fathers have one day to themselves without sneaking mothers in there.  But even worse, we have to use the opportunity to take a shot at fathers who weren’t around (usually, as in the case of this single mother, because she made it so).  O happy day!

I’m going to try to remember this, so I can post the reverse next year on Mother’s Day (minus the apostrophe abuse) and see what happens.


6 thoughts on “Deadbeat’s Day?

  1. In church: “will all the fathers stand? Now, let’s all wish them a happy father’s day. Now, let’s give a round of applause for all the mothers, because we couldn’t be father’s without them.”

    I don’t remember a round of applause for fathers on mother’s day though.

  2. “the mom’s who did the job”

    Stupid b*tch can’t even spell. And why did those sl*ts decide to get themselves sperminated by men unfit to be fathers anyway? It’s their fault.

  3. I walked out of church during a father’s day sermon and have not been back. Men should walk from the church. Why support the enemy?

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  5. When he was ten, my youngest son gave me a Mother’s Day card that read, “Happy Mother’s Day, Dad. You have been both father and mother to me.”

    Not the worst day of my life.

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