My apologies (again) to commenters whose comments were stuck in the pending file for a while.  I got very busy with real-life things this summer and neglected this, which is inexcusably rude to people who take the time to comment.  I’ll do better.

I didn’t really have much of a plan when I started this blog. I came up with the name Cail Corishev so I’d have a pseudonym for commenting on dissident web sites. I don’t make a big effort to maintain a secret identity, but I comment on some topics that would be foreign to friends and family, and I didn’t want to have to lecture on them every Sunday after church. So I thought a pen name would
provide some separation. Then after I’d been using Cail for a while, I discovered that there were times that a comment went too long to be polite, so I created this blog for those. Unfortunately, sometimes those are few and far between, and I’m too picky about what deserves a long post here, so this blog stagnates.

That’s not necessarily a problem — the blogosphere would manage with one blog fewer — but I’m working on self-discipline and organization, so having it sitting here nagging at me isn’t good. It’s also not fair to commenters to ignore their comments for weeks on end. I need to either run it properly or trash it. So starting yesterday, I’m going to post at least one thing each weekday before I allow myself to comment on any other blogs. Some may be pretty short, but better short than never.


One thought on “Rebooting

  1. I have a similar story for how I came to go by Leon Caruthers.

    As a frequenter of many of the same haunts, I look forward to more of your writing. Not enough Catholic voices in the ‘sphere.

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