Those Aging Eyeballs

Vox recently posted about a study that shows that men are attracted to women who are in their most fertile years, regardless of the age of the men.  I was reminded of this when I saw a promo for a new show starring Tea Leoni as some sort of ball-busting politician (pretty clearly preparing us for President Hillary) during the football game on Sunday.

Tea Leoni
Now, Tea Leoni is pretty much what I’d get if I ordered a girl from a girl assembly factory, choosing all the bits from multiple choice, right down to the dimple.  She’s pretty close to my age, and I’ve had a soft spot for her since I first saw her, probably when she was in her mid-20s.  But I hadn’t seen her in several years.  I was surprised by how much less attractive I find her now that we’re both older.  I’ve aged just as much as she has, and she has the benefit of all the anti-aging technology Hollywood commands, yet I found myself thinking, “She still looks good — for her age.”  At 30, I would have crawled across broken glass to kiss her; at pushing 50….

So it’s true: unless you have the benefit of wife goggles to keep your wife looking young in your eyes as she ages, wrinkles are wrinkles, and getting older yourself doesn’t make wrinkles start to look attractive.  If anything, I find 40-ish women less attractive than I did when I was younger, now that I’ve taken the red pill and am always aware of the baggage they’re likely to be carrying.  At 20, I might have gone for a fit 40-year-old, thinking she could teach me a thing or two.  Now I just can’t see the point.

While writing this post, I discovered that she and Duchovny just divorced.  So she’s available and 48.  That’s just plain sad.


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  1. Objectively, 25 year old Tea Leoni is hotter than even 48 year old Tea Leoni. This is even with Leoni’s access to all sorts of beauty enhancers, fitness trainers, etc. .

    Compared to all comers, Leoni is still easily in the top 10 percent in physical attractiveness, mostly because of those beauty enhancers. She is in better shape and has better hair/makeup/skin than most women in their 30s.

  2. Last summer I had occasion to attend an impromptu college reunion. The last time I had seen some of these women was when they were in their early 20s, at the zenith of their attractiveness. Now, 25 years later, these ladies range from mid to late 40s. Every one of them was objectively less attractive than they were at 21. Even keeping weight off didn’t stave off the aging process.

    This post needs a title or headline, by the way.

  3. Thanks, deti, added a title.

    Yes, they’re all objectively less attractive. I guess what’s surprising to people — and what even surprised me a bit — is that our male perceptions don’t “age” to keep up. I think people assume that we’re just somehow automatically attracted to people our own age. So when you’re 16, what turns you on is giggling and that little bit of baby fat they still have in the face. At 22, it’s the harder body (as long as she’s still fit) and a bit more mature attitude. At 40, it’s supposed to be her conversational skills and increased sexual experience that get us hot.

    But in reality, the same features that turned me on at 16 still do today. I might react to them differently, because I’m not an animal in heat, so I can control my actions and tell myself, “Dude, she’s too [whatever], never mind.” But I was still a bit surprised to see a woman I used to consider super-hot and realize she’s not anymore — even though objectively I know that’s how it works.

  4. On a related note, I was watching some of the first-season Little House on the Prairie episodes, and Caroline Ingalls? Hot. Very hot. I didn’t remember that from when I was a kid. It looks like the actress was about 32 at the time, but she looks great. Of course, she’s always wearing a dress, has nice long hair, is always smiling at her husband with devotion, carries herself with class and femininity…. the contrast with modern women really is striking (as are so many contrasts between that show and modern society, but that’s another post).

  5. Oh, and yes, Tea Leoni is still in the top 10% of women on attractiveness, easily. Not saying I’d kick her out of bed for eating crackers. It’s just the contrast with her younger self, and how my perceptions hadn’t aged along with her, that struck me.

  6. At that college reunion I mentioned before, there were two women I’d been in relationships with before. I of course knew them when they were in their late teens and early 20s. They both were easily recognizable but did look markedly different. One has had a lot of health problems that had taken their toll; the other had put on quite a bit of weight. But as the weekend progressed I noticed myself with “ex girlfriend goggles”, like wife goggles but less pronounced. I noticed myself seeing these two women not as they were now, but as they were when they were 20.

    Call it reminiscing, call it goggles, whatever. It was quite something to experience seeing women who were objectively less attractive than their younger selves, in the best possible light — as I had remembered them when I first met them.

  7. Deti, that’s interesting about your reunion. I think I wrote about bumping into a girl I had a crush on in high school, when we were about 35. In that case, though, she’d gained at least 50 pounds, so that killed the fantasy pretty quickly. If she’d still been in good shape, maybe I would’ve swooned and been blind to less obvious unattractiveness factors like crow’s feet.

  8. No question about it, so one has to assume that a fifty-three year old man who might be a future American President and who has recently married a thirty-six year lawyer-poser must have married her for reasons other than sexual attraction. Marrying a woman nearer ones own age has its advantages of course but it will not – can not – be by reason of hawtness, and sophistication is not to be mistaken for desirability; neither is it maturity.

    Never heard of Ms Leoni but at forty-eight she must be infertile so what’s the point. Duchovny is, I assume, as desirable as ever – if you are that way inclined.

    Why does America seem to indulge in the biological fantasy that the politically savvy are also likely to be sexually desirable post-menopausal females? – as if the world can be run and tough decisions made by those who spend their days in front of a mirror.

  9. When Fox was first starting their TV network, one of their first shows was called Flying Blind, in which Ms. Leoni starred. I think it was TV Guide called that called her “the most beautiful woman on television” or something to that effect. We are approximately the same age and I remember being completely smitten with her. At 48, not so much.

    I was walking into a big box store yesterday and a woman with her teenage daughter was pushing a cart into the store just in front of me. The daughter was wearing her high school volleyball outfit, which consists of a very tight sleeveless t-shirt and what amount to dark black panties. If you’ve watched high school or college volleyball you are familiar with the brevity of this ensemble. She was about 15 or 16 in my estimation, and had all the curves of a grown woman and the mid-length ponytail down her back that drives me wild. There isn’t a woman alive over 30 who can compete with that type of raw sexual attractiveness no matter how much money or effort is applied. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll see a mother first, think “She is/still attractive” and then the daughter comes out of nowhere and mom completely vanishes from sight.

    Biologically, men will always desire young attractive women. I don’t need any “study” to tell me that, but I will take as much grant money as you want to give me to confirm my findings.

  10. At pushing 50 …

    Nice to see a slightly older guy doing some Red Pill blogging. I’m late 50s and while I enjoy sites like ROK and the like, they are definitely geared towards the unattached 20-30 somethings.

    If anything I find 40-is women less attractive … aware of the baggage they’re likely to be carrying…

    After years of a loveless, affectionless marriage, I finally took up with a mistress. She is about ten years younger than me, but an extraordinarily low N count for her age group. I think that accounts for her lack of guile and cynicism, and her desire to please. However I still realize that a certain amount of “game” is critical.

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