Aging Like an Old Cheese

During my short stint in college, a few people tried nicknaming me Arnold because I looked like Schwarzenegger.  I wasn’t nearly that built, not to mention several inches shorter, but I was in good shape, and had a similar face, I guess.  And this was the Predator/Terminator era, not Twins/Kindergarten Cop, so that was pretty cool, though I didn’t really get it until years later.

So I was just watching a newer Meat Loaf video, and realized now I look like Meat Loaf.  Which might be kinda cool in its own way.

Except that I still sing like Arnold.

5 thoughts on “Aging Like an Old Cheese

  1. Fascinating. I was imagining more of a Hannibal Lecter. Why not just put up a photo &/or links to your gardening videos *please*. Cannot believe you have been involved in the manosphere for almost twenty years. Cail, are you ever going to explain about the two divorces? – Do you have kids?

  2. I typically got a lot of Tom Hanks comparisons when I was younger. And I almost always heard, “You look so familiar.”

    Now, I get Tim Robbins comparisons.

    I figure I’m an above average guy with a steady public demeanor, like your typical anchorman (thus, the name). Not hot, not ugly. Familiar looking, but you could walk by me in a crowd without noticing me.

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