The Other Kind of Programming

Sometimes I’m reminded just how differently other people think, and what’s behind that.

I don’t watch TV anymore except for sports and old movies on GRIT.  But I see promos, and there seem to be loads these days for shows where cops, soldiers, federal agents, and politicians — more often than not attractive women — fight terrorists, hunt for terrorists, are attacked by terrorists, foil terrorist plots….you get the idea.

So I can’t help wondering how it affects people to sit through these stories for hours every week, watching government badge-carriers save the day over and over.  I guess there has to be a reason why people who couldn’t find most Middle Eastern countries on a map think it’s critical to Americans what kind of weapons Iran has, or get incensed when Russia does something once that the US has been doing all over the place for years.  All these shows might explain that.


One thought on “The Other Kind of Programming

  1. I’ve probably watched such things more than most, but then I am well read and exceedingly cynical. I enjoy watching a show and shouting at my monitor about how absurdly unreal it is. So I’m not sure they’re getting to me. Probably the opposite.

    Still, I can well imagine the sort of person that would suck this up, and that’s a scary thought.

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