Open Source Software, Now with 100% Less SJW

In a blog post by Vox a few months ago he talked about an open-source software project called Opal (something to do with Ruby) where SJWs were trying to take over. After the instigator (you’ll be shocked to hear he/she’s a she/he) failed to push his preferred Code of Conduct on the group, he (I honestly don’t know, so I’ll go with masculine pronouns) forked it so there would be a goodthink version, so I wanted to check back after a while to see how they’d fared. In honor of today’s kerfuffle about a minor contributor leaving the Linux kernel project because Linus is a big stupid meanie-head, I thought the time was ripe.

As of then, June 19 (one day after the fork)

original opal — 4886 commits
SJW opal — 4878 commits

So the fork was already falling behind.  As of today, Oct. 6, 3.5 months later:

original opal: 5257 commits
SJW opal: 404 Not Found error

Oops. Guess I can’t compare them after all, because the fork is entirely gone. I suppose there’s not much point in speculating why. I’d guess the Good People didn’t swarm to the new, SJW-approved fork like expected, so he lost interest; but GitHub doesn’t appear to have a way to look back at the logs of deleted projects. Seems kinda un-git-like, but okay.

Back on the original Opal side, it looks like the people who were contributing heavily before still are, and the project is rolling right along. Unfortunately, it still has a Code of Conduct, but it’s a basic one that tries to be fair, without any of the who/whom language SJWs like to insert. The last issue to mention it was back in July, so it appears the project weathered the storm pretty well. They’re just writing code. Imagine that.

It’s a good example of how easily SJWs can melt away if you stand up to them. Most of the opal contributors are probably fairly liberal (that’s the impression I get from reading the conversations there, and of the ruby community in general), but they also want to create cool stuff. If they keep getting distracted from their craft by people nattering about feelings to cover up their tyrannical impulses, they’re eventually going to get fed up — especially when the nattering is about how they want to drive out the project’s #2 contributor.

Many people’s first impulse would have been to offer a compromise — maybe make the offending party apologize (for a Tweet having nothing to do with the project, by the way) and give the aggressors what they want in the CoC, and hope they’ll be happy. But if they’d done that, there would have been no end to it. Since some people reacted bluntly, they might have been called names and accused of being mean, but they were able to stop it.

So now the project appears to be proceeding without drama, and as a bonus, the troublemaker has been committing code regularly to his own projects. Whaddya know, even SJWs can be productive when you don’t let them boss around others!