Reap What Thou Sowest

Great post at Men of the West (a site I need to pay more attention to) on how the left is forcing the right to resort to violence, which will backfire spectacularly.  Some scenes that have been coming to my mind lately, in addition to the one he gave from the great Quigley Down Under:

We didn’t have a TV for several years growing up, but the radio was often tuned to country music.  A song that had an impression on me was “Coward of the County” by Kenny Rogers.  The story is that a young man with a bad temper has learned to control it and turn the other cheek, because his father’s fighting led to a death in prison.  This causes people to think he’s a coward, and eventually three men rape his girl, and then he lets loose and ends them.

Then there’s Ender’s Game, with whom many of my readers will be familiar.  At age 6, Ender explains his philosophy of violence:

“We’re willing to consider extenuating circumstances,” the officer said.  “But I must tell you it doesn’t look good.  Kicking him in the groin, kicking him repeatedly in the face and body when he was down–it sounds like you really enjoyed it.”

“I didn’t,” Ender whispered.

“Tell me why you kept on kicking him.  You had already won.”

“Knocking him down won the first fight.  I wanted to win all the next ones, too, right then, so they’d leave me alone.”  Ender couldn’t help it, he was too afraid, too ashamed of his own acts: though he tried not to, he cried again.

Another example, which isn’t as direct but keeps coming to mind because of the wording, is from the Hitchhiker’s Guide series.  The planet Krikkit is enclosed in a thick cloud, so its people are not only not aware of other life in the universe, they’re unaware of anything else in the universe beyond themselves.  When they manage to travel into space and discover other stars, their reaction is a bit extreme, but…

“It’ll have to go,” the men of Krikkit said as they headed back for home.

On the way back, they sang a number of tuneful and reflective songs on the subjects of peace, justice, morality, culture, sport, family life, and the obliteration of all other life forms.

Another related scene is from Roadhouse:

Dalton: I want you to be nice, until it’s time to not be nice.

Guy: Well uh, how are we supposed to know when that is?

Dalton:  You won’t.  I’ll let you know.

From Smoky Valley, by Donald Hamilton, which features an ex-captain in the Union Army who goes west for his health and has had his fill of violence so he won’t even wear a gun, but eventually he’s forced to fight:

“That’s enough,” a voice said behind him.  “You’re killing him.”

There was something odd about the presence of the voice in this place at this time, but he had no strength to waste upon the problem.  “Yes,” he said.

“Let him breathe,” the voice said.


I could probably go on all day: “He brings a knife, you bring a gun.”  Western history and literature are full of this dichotomy, of men who are capable of great violence choosing peace even at cost to themselves, holding out violence only as a regrettable last resort, but then going at it full-bore when forced.  We certainly have men on our side who like to fight and seek out violence.  But perhaps more importantly, we have many men who don’t like to fight — for whatever reason — so if they have to fight, they want it to be quick and final.  It’s not about anger; by the time they’re forced to fight, they’ve gone past angry to implacable, seeing the fight as an unpleasant task that must be done, so it should be done as efficiently and decisively as possible.

The Left also has men of the first group, who like to fight.  But it really doesn’t have the second group, because that mindset flows from things the left rejects: a commitment to objective reality, traditional virtues, defense of home and family, etc.  Instead, the Left has people who like to take cheap shots, because they think they’re too smart and enlightened to fight face-to-face like dumb jocks.  We’ve seen that online the last couple years, as the Alt-Right has begun using the Left’s tactics like doxxing against them.  Do they respond with, “Finally, a worthy opponent!  Let the battle be joined!”?  No, they respond by whining to authorities and concern trolling for mercy.  They don’t want to fight; they want only to attack.

The same will be true in the physical realm.  Leftists thought it was great fun to “punch Nazis” at Trump rallies as long as the cops disarmed their targets and the Right continued to play fair.  As some on the Right accept that playing fair and being nice have become counter-productive, and it’s time to escalate and put a stop to the nonsense, the Left will run and cry to Daddy Government and Mommy Media.  But by that point, it’ll be too late for shaming to work.  Once you’re sitting on top of the bully pounding away at him (add A Christmas Story to the list above), shame isn’t part of the equation anymore.  You’re just making sure he doesn’t do it again.

If the Left keeps pushing, it will get ugly for them very fast.  The best thing would be for all the college kids who think throwing a few bricks at right-wingers sounds like a fun afternoon romp, to realize they’re out of their element and find something else to do.  Maybe the Left’s core fighters and paid mercenaries would back off without that crowd to hide them and give them fake legitimacy.  Or they’ll keep it up, and it’ll be easier for people on the Right who still want to play nice to see what’s going on, and step up to end it.


4 thoughts on “Reap What Thou Sowest

  1. Ironically, this post is based on the error of recency. You think based on your discussions with your fellow Alt-Righters who prefer other to employ violence, they will desire a “short and sweet” fight, that they will put forth the required effort do be “efficient and decisive”. Indeed, some of your colleages may hold that view. But you are overvaluing the events of today as if the current trends will inevitably lead to things “getting ugly really fast”. The assumption is that white men and women will likely as a collective rise up from their slumber Hulk style and liquidate every non-white they can get their hands on because their value they hold are essentially being shredded. Perhaps…

    But there is also the likelihood that the people you had conversations with are simply letting off steam, that matters are not as dire as they make it out to be, that ONLY IF there is a financial meltdown of epic proportions in our country will they be compelled to generate reprisals of epic proportions. If we look at similar times in our history—the 1960’s come to mind, when radical conservatives swore they would go on a rampage of “bashing liberal skulls”, yet that level of orgiastic violence failed to materialize. Perhaps there will be this final confrontation, but given how the Alt Right tends to label their fellow white men as “low T cucks” who are not “true Americans” unless they are direct descendants of the English colonizers, the white masses probably will end up staying home.

    “The same will be true in the physical realm. Leftists thought it was great fun to “punch Nazis” at Trump rallies as long as the cops disarmed their targets and the Right continued to play fair. “


Those on the right find it equally satisfying to attend demonstrations in the hopes there will be a physical confrontation. Refer to Stickman. However, will those same individuals be willing to show how “race is their uniform” and die for their cause in the impending demise of the United States? Will they embrace the sentiments of this commenter at Men Of The West—“There is no way in hell that the Orcs will leave voluntarily, nor is there a snowball’s chance in hell of getting our politicians to use the force of government to remove them, let alone pass whatever legislation may be required in order to do so. The history of Islam shows that any country that they have ever invaded/mass emigrated to (one and the same, really) have had one of two potential outcomes: The invaded country was islamicized, or the Orcs were forcibly removed by the inhabitants of those nations. We have no choice but to take matters into our own hands, to suggest otherwise is reckless, foolish, and ignorant of history. The writing is quite literally on the wall my fellow men of the west.”

    First, most white Americans do not view this political and cultural war through the lens of the “West” or “western civilization”; they generally refer to matters as being as “American issues”. Feel free to convince your run of the mill whites, of course, that they ought to look at this situation from your perspective, but do not expect them to agree fully, at best, or comprehend why, at worst. Maybe shaming them will work. Second, what about those white Americans who “do want them here” (referring to immigrants and Muslims) regardless of their political or religious affiliation? Do they not have a say in this matter? Do they not have the liberty under freedom of association to interact, marry, and procreate with people decidedly “different” than themselves? Why does the author able to unilaterally make this judgement call—is it not for the general population to ultimately decide on this matter?

    More importantly, will YOU, Cail, heed this call in the end to pound into submission the leftist bullies? Because throughout human history the only course of action to fully rectify the problem against men, women, and children who hold a different ideology than yourself and end their misery permanently. They are the “enemy”, after all. In other words, round them up, put them in a boat, and sink them. That course of action would seem to rally Kurgen, a commenter at Men Of The West who stated, “Unfortunately, violence is inevitable. In fact, from a practical and logical point of view, violence is required to expel all the SJWs and their allies from polite civilisation, and will further be required to man the walls of the forts that hold the line against them, as well as to expel any dissidents within them.”

  2. Good post, as always. Just wait until the first death to occur during one of these street melees. THEN it’s going to get real in a hurry, no matter which side takes the hit.

  3. No, you’re making a bunch of assumptions and putting words in my mouth. I never said anything about “liquidating every non-white they can get their hands on.” I simply said it will get ugly a lot faster than the leftists who are starting the trouble think it will. Because of the part you’re right about: people on our side do prefer to be peaceful, to hold violence only as a last resort. That’s why, when we’re forced to that last resort, we want to make it last. I think I mentioned Ralphie in A Christmas Story — that’s how it’ll be.

    It’s not a question of recency; if I only looked at recent events, I’d be more likely to conclude that the right is too soft and cucked to stand up for itself. A handful of heroes at a couple of rallies doesn’t cancel out years of passively giving in to progressivism. That’s why I pulled examples from various points in history, and why I said they’re going to have to push us until it’s time to not be nice anymore, and enough of us can see it. But then it won’t be “push back just as hard as they’re pushing us”; it will be “stomp them so they never do this again.” How much will it take for that to happen? I don’t know. Certainly an economic squeeze would accelerate it; one reason working-class whites have been so accommodating is that they felt they could afford to be.

  4. Cail, do you think there is enough fight on the Right? I find the Right is too littered with cowards. Granted, movements don’t need a huge percentage to get the ball rolling, and there is very likely enough fight in the Alt-Right to fight back, but I think a lot on the Right do a lot of talk: “Don’t force my hand… because if you call my bluff everyone will finally know I really am a coward.”

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