Happening Status: It’s

I did a video/podcast that’s a wrap-up and some analysis of the “happening” on July 27th and some of what led up to that. One thing I forgot to mention was the Fusion GPS news: Congress is now learning that the Democrats used Fusion GPS to create the Trump dossier, which we knew involved a British spy, but is now also known to have involved Russian help.

Pakistani information thieves, British spies, Russian hackers, uranium dealers…. is there any shady foreign entity the Democrats won’t jump into bed with for political gain?

Some, presumably not all of them shills, want to shrug this off as if it’s no big deal unless major players are being dragged off in cuffs.  That would be nice, but it has to start somewhere. If the situation were reversed — if one of Trump’s IT people were arrested trying to leave the country and multiple new investigations were begun on several of Trump’s top people, all in one day — the media would be going wild. We can count on them to suppress this instead, but it will happen without them.

Download the audio here or watch it below.