Get a Grip

There’s heavy shilling from the mainstream media tonight on the topic of President Trump supposedly caving in on DACA and getting little or nothing in return.  The White House has already denied it, but the usual suspects are already crowing and/or crying betrayal, as usual.

We’ll have to wait and see what actually happened, if anything.  But when the entire MSM jumps on a talking point, the one thing you can be sure of is that it’s a lie, or at least not the whole story.  That’s why they’re the Fake News.  When they push a narrative this hard, it means one of two things: 1) They’re trying to make it happen by convincing everyone it’s already happening (this works sometimes in politics, but poorly on Trump, because he doesn’t care); or 2) They’re trying to distract from a part of the story that they don’t want people to see, by preemptively putting the focus on something else.

So in this case, it could be that Trump got the Democrats to agree to some pretty big concessions, so they sent out the bat signal to their media friends to keep the focus away from that.  Rather than admit he got a big win, they can shout and point to the one thing that looks bad for him, to distract from the good parts.  If he traded a deal on DACA for an end to chain migration, for instance, that would be a huge win, and not something the Left would want to admit at all.  I doubt he got anything that big, but there are plenty of things he could deal for.

The one thing I know is that nothing is ever what the media loudly insists it is.  While we don’t know everything, there are some things we know for sure.  One is that the president considers himself a great negotiator.  He’s not going to sit down with creeps like Pelosi and Schumer and give things away without getting value in return, if only out of pride.  That’s not even about politics; it’s about not being beat at his own game by amateurs.