It’s Called Negotiation, Not Capitulation

Here’s how it’s supposed to work, how it used to work with Joe. C. Average (R):

  • Democrats meet with Joe and discuss several things, including the possibility that Joe would concede on X — something his base would consider a betrayal.
  • They pass a talking point to the media claiming that Joe agreed to X.
  • Many people buy it, and Joe takes the political hit (his polls go down, supporters declare they’re done with him, etc.) that would come from X, even though it never happened.
  • Now Joe has nothing left to lose by doing X, so he goes ahead and does it in exchange for a pittance from the Democrats.

This is what they keep trying to do with President Trump.  There’s only one problem: it doesn’t work on him.  He can tell when he’s being manipulated, and he doesn’t put chasing the polls ahead of his agenda.