Still Just Regular 2-D Chess, Played Well

My thoughts on the DACA situation, posted on /pol/ a couple days ago, and reposted here with a little clean-up:

President Trump was in a no-win situation.  If he just canceled DACA, the media, Democrats, and GOP cucks would beat him up with the bad options of deporting “children” forever.  The courts would surely block their deportation, and he’d have to go over their heads to get it done.  He might win, but it would use up a lot of political capital and hurt him with the normies who don’t want to be “mean” to anyone.

On the other hand, if he extended DACA on his own, he’d be going back on a campaign promise (at least to some extent) and angering his base.  Either way, he loses.  And this is true regardless of what he personally wanted to do.

He found a way out by canceling it with a 6-month delay and dropping it in Congress’s lap.  Worst-case scenario, they pass something and he has to sign it, which wouldn’t be any worse than the second scenario above.  But that wasn’t likely, because they’ve shown no sign of being able to pass anything else.  And he was right.  The GOPe got hammered o nthe phones (so did he, but that’s okay because he knows what he’s doing and he’s not a scared rabbit), so they know they can’t pass something for the DACAs when they can’t pass anything for Americans, without getting killed, no matter how much they’d like to cuck on it.  That’s why they were so anxious to have him do it for them.  The Democrats are also getting killed by their own base, which is now threatening Americans and saying it will accept nothing except complete surrender to all 11 million illegal aliens (which in reality means tens of millions).

So both parties are getting killed by their bases, and now Donald Trump can go to them and say, “Gosh, I really wanted to do somthing for the DACAs (and he has the tweets to prove it), but Americans aren’t going to stand for it, are they?  I had no idea they felt so strongly about this.  What can we give them in terms of border security to make them okay with this?”  But the Democrats can’t concede anything to him because they’ve spent the last year convincing their base he’s pure evil so he can’t be dealt with, only destroyed.  The GOP cucks don’t want to give him any border security either.  So they won’t be able to pass anything, and then he can tell Americans, “Well, I thought it would be good to help the DACAs, but you have spoken through your legislators, and I as the president must enforce the laws.”

It’s not guaranteed, but it looks good so far.  If it works, it was a brilliant way to turn a no-win situation into a victory.