Naughty, Naughty Agents

I didn’t think much would happen over the weekend after Friday’s events, but boy howdy.

It turns out that two of the investigators on Mueller’s team, including a Mr. Strzok who led part of it for a while, were sending anti-Trump, pro-Clinton texts back and forth. Oh, and they were having an affair. Mueller found out about one or both of those things and fired them, one in August and one a month later, but never told his bosses in the Dept. of Justice about it. The DoJ got wind and investigated, and yanked their clearances yesterday, effectively firing them from government work. You’re not really allowed to have an affair with a coworker when you deal with classified information every day. (They’re so strict.)

So a lead investigator on Trump and a helper were so anti-Trump they couldn’t keep it to themselves. That completely discredits the whole investigation, at least the parts they worked on.  Everyone has biases, but if you can’t even keep them to yourself, you can’t be objective enough for that job. Not that there’s much to discredit, since they’ve spent ten months and who knows how many millions of dollars to find diddly squat.

But it gets better. The Congressional oversight committee noticed the unexplained firings and has been trying to find out what’s going on. They’ve been demanding answers from the DoJ and the FBI for at least a month, and been blown off. They have a right to know what the DoJ and FBI are doing. So they just told them they expect full answers on their desk by the end of Dec. 4 (Monday), or they could hold them both in contempt. If Congress holds you in attempt, they can send some police (not sure which ones) to haul you in and lock you up until you cooperate, just like a court can. So they want to know what was going on with these two, and why they were secretly removed.

But it gets better. Agent Strzok was also the lead investigator on Hillary’s illegal email server (busy guy). He interviewed her about it, and did not put her under oath or record the interview. The other official present was a DoJ lawyer named David Laufman, an Obama donor. Since it wasn’t recorded, the result of the interview was up to the word of two Clinton/Obama supporters. Comey closed the investigation a few days later.

But it gets better. The Steele/Fusion GPS dossier on Trump, which the GOP establishment had fabricated and then passed to the Democrats who paid for it, came into the FBI through Strzok, and was then used as justification for the illegal bugging of Trump Tower, as well as the FBI probe that led to the investigation of possible collusion over the election in the first place.

I don’t know if it can get any better than that. It’s all on a platter for Congress now — Uranium One, Fusion GPS, the Awans, Benghazi, Fast & Furious (the scandal, not the movies), the still-missing emails, Seth Rich and so many other victims, basically a decade or two of corruption involving both parties as well as some foreign governments. If recent FBI director McCabe is called to testify about his problematic agents, he can be questioned about what happened in Vegas. With Flynn, we might even be able to go back to 9/11, since he did the investigation of why there was no military response that day.

It’s all up to Congress, because they can put people like Flynn and McCabe under oath and require (or allow) them to talk about things that are classified. Might be public testimony, might be private, but either way that’s the only way to get testimony from them. If Congress doesn’t pussy out (always a strong possibility), we’re about to have a wild ride. If they do, I guess we keep investigating and pushing to get the truth out there.  We have far more of the full picture now than we had a year ago, and it keeps coming a little clearer.

Here’s the question for going through the looking glass tonight: why did Flynn lie to VP Mike Pence? The FBI had already said his actions weren’t a problem; he’s only being charged with lying about them. So why lie to Pence about something that wasn’t illegal? No one knows. I think if we knew the answer to that, a lot of things might come clear.

Best timeline ever.