What is Pizzagate – Very Short Version

(This is actually a comment I wrote for another blog, but it went kinda long, so I thought I’d stick it here and link to it.  I’m not going to bother rewriting it to be more like a blog post, because I know it would balloon up to several thousand words.  I’ll save a full treatment of the topic for another time.)

@vicci, I’ll try to keep this short and I’ll only say it once because I know the tinfoil hat stuff bothers people, but it’s going to keep coming up in blinds like this.

It depends on what you mean by “pizzagate.” If you mean allegations that powerful people were selling/sacrificing children in the basement of Comet Ping Pong, then it’s almost certainly false. The place probably doesn’t even have a basement, even though the owner once said in a foodie interview that they store their homemade canned tomato sauce there. But that’s the definition that everyone in the MSM and Wikipedia used to discredit it.

To me, as someone who was involved in the digging early on, “pizzagate” means a huge web of circumstantial evidence: disturbing pictures involving children; influential people with a lot of connections to known, convicted pedophiles and human traffickers; symbols showing up not far removed from those people which the FBI says are used by pedophiles to mark friendly locations (which doesn’t mean the same symbols can’t show up innocently); and so on.

It’s like on an old cop show when they’ve got boxes and boxes of evidence that they’ve hauled in from various locations, pictures pinned to the wall with strings pulled between them to show connections, maps with lines drawn all over, and people being brought in to do lineups and police sketches — and they’re sorting through all this mess looking for the pieces of hard evidence that will make the case. They get to do that behind closed doors in a police station, and then go to court with just the key pieces they need. Pizzagate doesn’t have the behind-closed-doors option, so all that is being done in the open online. A lot of what’s out there probably won’t turn out to be hard evidence of anything, just as most of what the cops sort through doesn’t, but it’s all part of the mess in the meantime.

It started with John Podesta’s hacked emails, some of which really didn’t make sense. We wondered if they were using a code, since this was his Gmail account, not exactly secure, so it would make sense to talk about secret things in code. No one had a clue what the code might mean yet. Researching other people in the emails led to things like Spirit Cooking (don’t look it up while you’re eating), Podesta’s “art,” and pictures of children that might have been passed off as odd-but-innocent until you started putting them together with the rest. It grew from there.

So that’s pizzagate: an open investigation by citizens who were convinced the authorities wouldn’t or couldn’t do it. (There were rumors that the FBI and/or NYPD wanted to do it in the fall of 2016, but they were backed off.) Now this year human trafficking arrests are way up, multiplied several times over previous years, so I think they are doing it now, quietly. Maybe our research is helping; I hope so.

By the way, when I say I was involved in it, it doesn’t mean any more than that.  I’m not a leader — there are no leaders — and there are a lot of people more knowledgeable about it than I.  I’m just someone who got interested, took one piece of evidence, did searches for connections to other pieces of evidence.  That’s how it works.  Get enough people doing that, it produces results.

Last note: some people think we should drop the “pizzagate” term because its been so effectively demonized, and use something like “pedogate.”  Maybe I’m stubborn, but I’m not so sure.  “Pizzagate” catches the imagination.  A lot of people are already aware of it, and although the demonizing may have kept them from looking into it themselves, they may be curious.  People didn’t have to believe in aliens to enjoy the X-Files.  When related news breaks, like another pedophile outed in Hollywood, and we say, “Pizzagate proven right again,” it will tell people there’s good info out there that they were manipulated into avoiding.