Stupid News

I meant to post this earlier in the week when I saw it, because it made me laugh.

The biggest political news out of Sunday/Monday was the discovery of a direct connection from the FBI to Fusion GPS, the Russian-founded company that provided the infamous dossier.  One of the FBI agents who has now been demoted is married to a woman who worked for Fusion GPS.  So there’s one of the connections documented.  There will be more.  The increasing possibility that FBI agents were conspiring with foreign agents against one of the presidential candidates seems like big news, doesn’t it?  Especially since we’ve been told all year that it would be impeachment-worthy if anything like that were discovered in the other direction?  Dunno, seems like something the news networks could make some time to discuss.

Well, not CNN.  CNN was busy talking about the president’s diet (see the picture below).  Which itself is mildly interesting, maybe worth a quick mention at the end of a show.  (He should give it up; that crap is terrible for you.)  But it was a big story for them.  And the funny part is check out how they strung 12 sodas out in a row, the way you never ever see them, so it looks like a ridiculous number.  It wasn’t enough to sit a 12-pack on the desk, or just say “12 Diet Cokes” and trust that we all know what that looks like.  They had to go full propaganda with it, brooding importantly with a real live Doctor over their long line of Cokes.  Cokes for jokes.

The problem with them and the other MSM outlets (including Fox, most of the time) isn’t so much the stories they do run or the bias they put on them.  That’s annoying, but everyone except the most devout leftists recognizes it now.  Their public trust level is under 10%.  The bigger problem is the news they wall us off from, so no one sees it unless they go hunting off the beaten path, usually to sources that the MSM has done its best to discredit.  Today the story they’re probably not covering is the texts between the two FBI agents having the affair, where they talked last year about how they didn’t think Trump could win, but just in case he did, they needed to be in a position to do something about it.  And they ended up on Mueller’s team.  Handy, huh?  Another huge reveal of corruption that the MSM won’t touch until they have to.

When will the MSM be forced to cover this news?  Probably not until the Office of the Inspector General reports on their investigation going back to January.  Maybe not even then, if they stick together, maybe not until the president takes it viral.  That should be fun.  I’d say what else to watch this week, but I don’t know because there are too many possibilities.  Maybe New Jersey politicians, or Chuck Schumer.