Why “Cail Corishev”?

  1. I’m terrible at coming up with fake names.  All my computers get named after characters from books too.
  2. Both names come from a favorite series of mine, though one is a person and the other is a place.
  3. When I searched for the phrase online, I found zero occurrences, so I figured it’d be easy to search and find references to myself later.

It’s not really a serious attempt to stay anonymous; I’d imagine someone who wanted to know my real identity could figure it out easily enough, especially once I get to writing regularly.  It’s more a way to separate the topics I intend to focus on here from the lighter stuff I do on my personal blog, so I don’t have to fill my personal blog with disclaimers and explanations of controversial ideas for the people who come there looking for videos of my garden and such.

More about my plans for this blog later.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there. You mentioned over at Dalrock’s place about how after living away, you moved back home and figured you were home for good and are now somewhat considering living in another country.

    That’s a very familiar story as time with Uncle Sugar took me away from my home. I moved back several years ago and like you figured I would never leave.

    I’m writing this from the capital city of a country other than my own, where I don’t speak the language, but where I think I could be very happy except that I can’t take my kids unless I get the ex’s permission, or bring her also. I’m not averse to her co-emigrating, but that’s actually a really long discussion.

    In either case, I’ve been thinking about this for some years now and would gladly share some thoughts, but I’m not really interested in doing so publicly. If you want to chat, you’ve got my email.


  2. Enjoy your comments on other sites… finally made it here. Keep it up, seems like you have a good head on your shoulders.

  3. I’ve came across your site recently. Thought you might be interested in this Sprint Ad campaign. Dad/Husband is a hamster in a wheel. The grandpa of an all white family is a black man. Draw your own conclusion.


  4. You said on another forum that “a few days ago” you in Theology class you were asked about Muslims beheading here, and you said no, evidently not knowing about this case. He was, granted, born in the US, but was influenced by some of those Muslims our betters are so happy to import.

  5. Cail, I’m attempting to contact you and Durandel Almiras from Vox Popoli. I’m looking for other Catholics to discuss Alt-Right Catholic work. I’m working on something, and it’d be good to touch base with other Catholics on this.

    It will be a disaster if the Alt-Right turns on Catholics. There are too many misunderstandings occurring.

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