The Age of Secrets

Some of the men who were whisked out of the US after 9/11 were arrested in Saudi Arabia (SA) a couple nights ago. What they know about that day could come out after all, in their trials there or after we get a shot at them (17 new indictments were sealed in D.C. yesterday). Are Americans ready to know what happened on 9/11? What if that’s the least of it, just the tip of an iceberg of lies?

In the spirit of a friend named Q, some questions and answers:

What does the global economy run on?
Oil and debt.
But what does the economy of power run on?
Secrets. Powerful people have secrets, and if you know those secrets, their power is yours.
Which is more powerful?
Secrets. Knowing the right secrets lets you control the oil price, start wars, print money, elect governments, etc.
What has been happening in Hollywood?
Secrets being exposed.
What just happened to 60 admirals?
Secrets exposed. Fat Leonard.
What just happened to the British royals?
Secrets exposed. Paradise Papers.
What has been happening in D.C.?
Many investigations, secrets starting to slip out. Also politicians retiring.
What is one reason a politician might retire unexpectedly?
To avoid his secrets being exposed.
Are there far more secrets in all those places?
Oh yeah.
If you had known all those secrets, how powerful would you have been?
Almost limitless.
In this economy, who has the most power?
The holder of the most/biggest secrets.
Who might that be?
Those who have been collecting them the longest.
Where did the intelligence services come from?
They grew out of private security run by banking firms in the middle ages.
What are the descendants of those banking firms?
Today’s big central banks, with BIS at the top.
When secrets are exposed, what happens to the power they provided?
So whose power is dwindling as we speak?

I think we’re nearing the end of the Age of Secrets, and entering an Age of Truth, or at least an Age of Information. Maybe call it the Age of Leaks. I don’t know if we’re going to like it any more in the long run, but it’s too late to stop it now, and it should be interesting, at least.

His name was Seth Rich.